Co je Gira

The ritual of Gira

In Umbandian terreiros (places, where meetings are rituals take place) we can meet many types of healing and consultaries. It can mean healing with energies, massages, acupunctures, card readings, astrology, work with a pendulum, homoeopathy, nature therapy etc. These services different from centre to centre. You are probably thinking, that it’s nothing special considering other esoteric centres here in the Czech Republic, true…

But what is the basis of all meetings of “Umbandees” (members of this community) in all terreiros, are rituals – Giras (in Portuguese meaning “spin”). During the Giras, participants connect, with the help of the rhythm of drums, singing and dance, to the divine guidance of their guides (either directly or through professional mediums) and attune themselves to the archetypal energies, which created this world (orixas). Mediumistic work, consultations and healing with the help of connection to our guides from the astral realm is, in Umbanda, completely a characteristic motive of this faith. These healing meetings are open to all, without any difference, free, as carrying out charity for the benefit of the spiritual growth of all of humanity. 

From the viewpoint of Umbanda, the mediation of contact with our astral guides (guias) and the divine forces or nature (orixás) is key for our spiritual development and healing. During the rituals of Gira, through sung prayers (pontos) and characteristic rhythms, participants are able to create a close contact with their guides or gods of the natural forces (in Afro-Latin tradition called orixás).

Thanks to the music and dance it is possible to fall into a trance and attune to the qualities of anciently primal potentials. The workings of these forces help greatly to anchor and streamline mediums – people, which have experiences with accepting spirits along with their leadership and healing into their bodies. To the rituals of Gira, all participants gather in white clothing, in the colour of purity and receptivity, in honour of  the highest divine – Oxalá. In Umbanda, the term guias also has more meanings, because they don’t only reference the helpful spirits, but also ritual bead necklaces that the participants of Giras wear in the colours of the given orixa or guide for strengthening the connection to the given energy. Every ceremony begins and ends in a kneeling position with the head to the ground as a sign of deep honour for the forces, with which we connect thanks to the rituals. If this lineage calls to you and you want to be in stronger contact with her, you can use our online webstore, where you will find everything you need

Co jsou Guias? Korále?