The General of Umbanda

The energy of Ogum is never-compromising. His power intersects every darkness. Orixá Ogum is a great warrior, the victor of every battle and a protector against every evil.

He oversees, whether or not the laws of the universe are bodied by. Whether a person walks through their life in truth. He is the patron of paths and development (even technological development). That is why he is able to, very firmly, tame anyone. He is the patron of steel (mainly iron) and weaponry and he brings and puts an end to every war. He teaches assertiveness, how to stand up for yourself and that sometimes it is necessary to call for a conflict, in order for the truth to be defended.

Ogum is the General of Umbanda. He guards the path between our world and the astral world and using his sword, he separates everything which isn’t in accordance with the truth and light. Just like Saint George, who is his Christian counterpart, he celebrates his holiday on the 23rd of April. His attributes are a sword and a spear. There is a herb with the name of “mother in law’s tongue” (or devil’s tongue), in Brazil going by the name of “sword of St. George,” that is used for driving off negative energy placed near the entrance to one’s house.

People turn to Ogum with the plea for reaching success, for opening paths or for protection. If we ask Ogum for something however, it is good to know that we really will get what we ask for. Ogum is impulsive. If we ask him, his energy won’t stop at nothing and he will take everything from us which we owe him for his help.

What does the principle of Ogum bring us in everyday life? It is first and foremost courage, clarity, honour, goal-mindedness and a constructive use of masculinity. His teachings may even come through a rightful penalty from love, which brings us to our development and realisation of truth. His colours are red, because his element is fire, but blue as well. For starting off, the best way to connect with him is through the singing of pontos or pronunciation of prayers, best done on Tuesday.

Every Orixa has their own characteristic “activation” greeting. His greeting, during rituals in the terreiro or during work with his energy, is performed in a bow accompanied by applause as a token of respect.
Ogum’s greeting is as follows: “OGUNHE, MEU PAI!”