Co je oferenda


Another possibility, how to attune to our guides and lineages of orixás, is through offerings (oferendas). In original west African cults, an offering for gods is called Ebó. It is a way, with which we prove respect for the higher forces and even how to attune to the qualities of the given forces. We can also offer offerings as a sign of gratitude or for recommendation of guides through mediums, or in the case when we are pleading for help and for a specific energy into our lives. The action of an offering allows for healing of the ego, because for a person to perform a successful change in their life, they often need to let go of something. EBÓ works with all elements in the universe, that is why it represents an important crossover between us and the astral forces. For that reason it is extremely important for every element to be chosen with love, in good quality, with the right intentions.

The balance of Axé

Offerings are often constructed in the forms of favourite foods and drinks. Before the preparation, there should also be implemented an energetic cleansing of the area (the kitchen), as well as the person who is creating the offering. The preparation itself should then take place in concentration over the chosen intentions. Every orixa and entity has their own favourite groceries, drinks, herbs, flowers, forcefield spots in nature, numbers, colours and days, which are for every one of these entities characteristic and they in them are concentrated their sources of force – axé. Other than that, there even exist groceries/qualities that can have a repelling influence on orixás and entities. For that reason it is appropriate to make offerings either after consultation with someone experienced, or to make them only for those orixás, that have a softer energy and will “forgive” us our possible sins. Different means for the preparation of oferendas (statuettes, candles, herbs, baths and other) can be found on our online webstore here: https://eshop.umbanda.cz/

Co je Oferenda?