Zpívané Pontos v Umbandě

What, in Umbanda, serves as a hot link into the astral realm?

It’s the pontos! In direct translation “points.” By which it’s meant songs/prayers which create, with the help of sound and rhythm, an area, where healing forces of orixás and other entities can become concentrated and to demonstrate themselves. The whole ritual of the Gira is accompanied by the singing of pontos. Pontos aren’t just songs, they are powerful keys that unlock astral gates and mobilise the divine forces. For every orixa and every entity exists a characteristic sound, a clapping of hands and specific rhythms, which is drummed on congos. This creates such a space, which the energy from the astral realm is able to align with and thanks to which it is possible for the energy to express itself in this reality.

Singing as a component of regular practice

Pontos represent the easiest way, how to connect to the forces of orixás and our guides. And yet it is important to remember, that we always – when we know such songs – call up one of these divine forces into very close interaction and we should be ready for it. Whichever sound we are creating, that type of energy we will attract. That is why it is good to study pontos (maybe even with audio recordings) and also the corresponding rhythms played on the congos, so that the path that we create for these energies is bright and straight forward.

Then the singing and listening of pontos can become a part of regular practice. In Brazil we can observe, how people are in every day contact with the energies of orixás even thanks to the pontos, where many became popular and part of pop culture.

Zpívané ponost v Umbandě