The Goddess of all seas and oceans

Yemanjá Orixá v Umbandě.

Yemanjá is the Goddess of the sea. She is the mother of us all, because from her salty waters has risen all life on earth. Her strength is incomparable. Overflowing with infinite compassion she is able to embrace all of her earthly children. She is the great protector of family. Women seek her out for support during motherhood and fertility. Other than that, she also has the power to deeply cleans every which impurity with her gift of salt and great power, which is hidden in the depths of the ocean.

She is one of the most loved Orixa in the whole of Brazil. On the 2nd of February, during one of her many holidays, is when everyone can confirm this for themselves. On this day, flocks of people gather by the ocean so they can honour their great mother with gifts they bring. She is depicted as a beautiful woman with a full bosom, long hair and often being illuminated by moonshine. Clothed in a silver-blue dress, decorated by sea shells or stars, she can be emerging from the sea or, as a mermaid, she can be swimming through her kingdom. In her hand she often holds a mirror (abebe), which reflects and transforms everything into light, just like salt water.

Thanks to her qualities of motherhood and protection, she is in Christianity likened to the Mother Virgin Mary. She is also considered to be the patroness of fishermen and sailors. Anyone can turn to Mother Yemanjá with joy, so that she can open for them the paths to new opportunities or so that she can clean away any negative energy around them. Just so, she can help in the area of protection or harmonisation of emotions and the matters of love. Her favourite leaves and herbs are lavender, jasmin, white rose, orange flowers and hydrangea. As offerings for her honouring, the following can also be used: sweets, champagne, orchids and chrysanthemums, along with blue or white candles. This all is best brought to the ocean (or nearest water) on Saturday.

Every Orixá has their own characteristic “activation” greeting. Her greeting, during rituals in the terreiro or during work with his energy, is performed in a bow accompanied by applause as a token of respect.
Yemanjá’s greeting is as follows: „ODOCE YABA, MINHA MÃE!“