Exu and Pomba Gira

The people from the streets

Exu a Pomba Gira v Umbandě.

Exus and Pombas Giras. One of the most controversial guides of Umbanda. The expression Exu can represent an Orixa (mainly in Candomblé) or a group of guides (in Umbanda), which have a compatible energy with the orixa Exu. Exus and Pombas Giras are operating closest to our realm, working in the darkness with the densest of energies. They are able to deal with all negativity and falsehood. Hence why they are depicted as people from the streets and even different swindlers, who know every trick of the dark world. But even they, just like all other auxiliary souls in Umbanda, help us overcome traps and face evil. They are great protectors. They teach how to not get hurt in the illusion of this world.

One of the most known Exus is Tranca Rua. This Exu is the guardian of the gate that separates our realm from the astral realms, keeping the paths clear, as well as being the intermediary between us people and the energies of orixas. Other well known character is the card player Ze Pilintra, who helps to eliminate negative energies and find paths that are good to tread upon in life.

Pombas Giras then represent the feminine version of Exus, unfettered passionate women, who can be depicted in the form of sex workers or gipsies. Many of these beings also work in proximity to cemeteries, where they help lead lost souls from this world into the light. This lineage brings protection (even against dark magic), cleansing from the roughest of energies, but also passion and an enjoyment of life full of wine glasses during any conditions.

Their colours are red and black just like for orixa Exu. They are honoured mostly on Mondays.

The greeting for Exu and Pomba Gira is as follows: “LAROYÊ EXU, LAROYÊ POMBA GIRA!”