The highest Orixa of them all

Oxalá Orišá v Umbandě.

Oxalá (read Oshala) is the highest Orixá of them all. The divine father. The creator of all life and the universe. The Orixá of faith, cleansing, life. The energy of Oxalá represents our faith in God, our relating to spirituality, and that is why his counterpart in Christianity is Jesus Christ.

In his alternate form Obatala, the white king, he represents great creative power, where a word immediately transforms into reality. In Oxalá two aspects are combined; the father as well as the son. Representing the oldest Orixá Oxalufã  (father), he walks bent over, supported by his cane opaxorô, which symbolises the axis of the world with a dove atop. He is the holder of wisdom, patience and peace. Oxaguiã (son) on the other hand, is a young, dynamic warrior gripping a shield, sword and a gavel for yams. He assists people in facing their everyday struggles and overcoming obstacles. He maintains hope and faith that everything will end well.

Oxalá is in principle a pure light that is (on this earth) symbolised by the sun on the sky and the colour of white. He is connected to the element of air that we breathe. In the Chakra system, he represents the 7th chakra.

Because he is a calm Orixá, it is possible even for beginners to try and establish a contact with his energy. He can bring emotional stability, help during important decision making and maturation. As offerings it is possible to present him with white candles, white flowers. With fruits: green grapes, dry coconut, green coconut, pears, green apples, tangerines, mellons, peaches. With herbs such as: rosemary, basil, leaves and branches of palm trees, orange leaves, mint, lemon balm, laurel, cotton, white mallow, marjoram and fennel. Corresponding pontos (prayers) can also be sung to him. All of this is best done on Friday or Sunday. His holiday, just as with Jesus, is celebrated on Christmas.

Every Orixa has their own characteristic “activation” greeting. His greeting, during rituals in the terreiro or during work with his energy, is performed in a bow accompanied by applause as a token of respect.
Oxalá’s greeting is as follows: „OXALÁ BABÁ!“