The noble huntsman and Lord of nature

Oxóssi Orišá v Umbandě.

Oxóssi (or Oshosi) is the noble huntsman. He is the Lord of the rainforest and of everything that grows. He overflows with deep wisdom, which comes from the knowledge of the heart. His principle teaches to honour the laws of nature and the laws of life.

He is deft and concentrated. He is able to obtain food, to cultivate and duplicate, but always in accordance with nature. He protects all life in rainforests and he is the leader of the spirits caboclos (the original South American natives). He is clothed in green or light blue, or sometimes even in animal skin, holding ofa (bow and arrow) and iruquere – a whip from the tail of an ox, which wards off eguns (the souls of the dead).

His holiday is celebrated on the 20th of January, on the names day of Saint Sebastian, who was pierced by arrows (the symbol of Oxóssi) for helping Christians and became a patron of soldiers, archers, potters and brush makers.

Oxóssi teaches how to be a warrior of the light through the courage of the heart. Oxóssi preserves in his heart all wisdom and understanding of nature. As the king of the rainforest, he overflows with the knowledge of healing plants, which is why he is called upon even for deep healing. He is the warrior against negative energies, which are contrary to life and straightforwardness. Oxóssi is intrepid, because he honours the truth in his heart, which shows him the clear direction of his actions. It is an Orixa, who is connected even with realisation, with knowledge and learning in general. As the patron of creativity and art, he fosters natural curiosity and yearning for investigating the unknown. He is free-minded and needs his own space. He knows how to move through a rowdy area, but also how to be alone with yourself. Therefore, he knows to respect his territory as well as the territories of others.

People turn to Oxóssi for success in work, for monetary wealth and for opening paths in life. If we want to give our life direction and evolve in the direction of success, it is appropriate to ask Oxóssi for his support. Oxóssi helps to direct our energy and attention in the direction of our realisation. He enables us to connect to the guidance of our hearts, so that we are able to walk in harmony with life and reach abundance and prosperity on all levels. He brings such fortune and abundance, which support us in further growth. Oxóssi keeps one alert but also teaches them the concentration of a huntsman on his goal, as well as the flexibility with which to move through the ever changing conditions of life. He can also help us to lighten ourselves from everything, which tempts us away from our path and no longer serves a purpose to us.

His herbs are: fern, dragon tree, mint, lavender and rosemary. If you’d like to present him with offersings, the best are: green fruit, mellon, grapes, apple, pear, but also corn, coconut and molasses (never however honey!). We burn green or blue candles, best done on Thursday. We can also bring offerings to Oxóssi even when we want to show gratitude for life.

Every Orixa has their own characteristic “activation” greeting. His greeting, during rituals in the terreiro or during work with his energy, is performed in a bow accompanied by applause as a token of respect.
Oxóssi’s greeting is as follows: „OKÊ ARÔ, MEU PAI!“