The souls of sailors

Marinheiros v Umbandě.

Marinheiros – sailors. This group of guides represent souls that have a deep connection with the sea, just like fishermen, sailors, captains, and even pirates. They are strongly connected with the energy of orixa Yemanja. Sailors bring into their work a lightness and playfulness. They love to joke around. Thanks to their bond with the ocean and the water they bring emotional healing and dissolve negative energies. In their swinging company it is possible to truly relax. With their support they help overcome stormy times, float through challenges of life and fearlessly face the disfavour of fate.

Their colours are blue and white. Their holiday is celebrated on the 13th of December and just like Yemanja their day of the week is Saturday.

The greeting for Marinheiros is as follows: “SALVE A MARUJADA!”