The spirits of the original inhabitants of Brazil

Caboclos v Umbandě.

Caboclos represent one of the oldest lineages called upon in Umbanda. Caboclos are the spirits of the original inhabitants of Brazil, but also half-breeds and all entities that work with the powers of nature and the knowledge of indigenous tribes. Their lord is the Orixá Oxossi and just like him, they are wise warriors of the light, overflowing with knowledge of healing through nature, leaves, flowers, roots, the animal kingdom, water, fire, earth, air, rocks etc.

Amongst the most known caboclos definitely belongs cabocla Jurema. Jurema possesses the knowledge of deep healing and cleansing. She is a great warrior. She hunts souls that are wandering through the darkness before irradiating them with the light of her clear heart. In her kingdom also live many other helpful beings of the astral world.

Amongst other well known caboclos belong, for example, Pena branca, Cobra coral, Tupinamba, and Sete flèchas. Tupinamba is active under orixa Oxala, and Sete flechas work with energies of all orixas.

Who wants to approximate themselves with the energies of Caboclos, they need to respect nature and be kind and humble to all of creation. We can often see caboclos depicted with a bow and arrow and headdresses decorated with feathers, their colours being green, white, along with red or yellow. With their power, caboclos can point us back to our path and inspire us into action, which leads to our goals. They bring us healing for our wounds and help us let go of all that prevents us from continuing on the path through life. They establish balance. They teach us love for nature, which provides us with sustenance along with being our home.

On the 24th of June we celebrate the holiday of all indigenous inhabitants of Brazil and their day is, just like for the orixa Oxossi, Thursday.

Their greeting is as follows: “OKE CABOCLOS!”