The Goddess of sweet waters and waterfalls

Oxum Orixá v Umbandě.

Orixa Oxum (read Oshum), the beloved mother of the clear, sweet waters, river, waterfalls and creeks. She teaches fullness in love. The love for one’s self as well as for others. She teaches appreciation for one’s self worth and how to have good relationships. Oxum is the archetype of a young, beautiful, witty woman, who knows what she wants and always gets it. She is a powerful witch. She knows how to take care of herself and therefore others as well. She is the Goddess of prosperity and physical as well as mental wealth.

Her colours are yellow and gold. That is why she is often dressed in a golden dress and decorated with golden jewellery. She practically shines. She admires herself in her mirror and she can never get enough of herself; her femininity and beauty. Oxum isn’t afraid of her sexuality. In fact, she enjoys it without any shame. From her beauty all creativity blooms as it awakens love and astonishment.

Oxum is, with her rule over sweet waters, the mother of emotions. She knows how to wash away all pain through her tears. She knows how to calm all worries with her sweetness. She has a loving heart. Her waters teach caresses and delight through touch. When Oxum dances, she fully savours the movements of her body to the rhythm of rocking waves. Oxum is also gentle and patient. Everything happens at its own pace, that is why we cannot push water. She quenches every thirst and her waters wash over and carry away all impurities to the ocean to mother Yemanjá.

She celebrates her holidays as different aspects of the Virgin Mary on the 8th of December, or on the 12th of October as our Lady of unblemished conception, who is the patroness of Brazil.

People turn to Oxum when they want to call on prosperity, money, a new job, fertility or love into their life. She is also the protector of pregnant people; she ensures a smooth pregnancy and she looks after mothers and their children during the first years of their lives. She is king yet powerful, since she protects from dark magic and dark witchcraft.

We can honour this Orixa with: yellow roses, lilies, sunflowers, champagne and rose water. From fruits we can give her:  avocados, green apples, mellons, pears, peaches and grapes. Her herbs are: rosemary, lavender, water hyacinth, chamomile and marigold. Whoever wants to bring sweetness and joy into their lives, they can pour a jar of honey into the river. But it is important to taste the honey before you offer it to the Orixa. It is appropriate to burn blue or yellow candles for Oxum. The ideal day for this – just like for any water goddesses (yabás) – is Saturday.

All offerings are best arranged close to rivers, creeks or waterfalls, so that the energy of Oxum can flow into our lives.

Every Orixá has their own characteristic “activation” greeting. Her greeting, during rituals in the terreiro or during work with his energy, is performed in a bow accompanied by applause as a token of respect.
Oxum’s greeting is as follows: „ORA YE YEU, MAMÃE OXUM!“