In the conception of Umbanda there are – same as in spiritism – different spiritual and physical realms, or levels, which are housing different spiritual beings. The highest level houses the far entity of the Creator and in the other higher levels live Christian saints and African Orixas. In the space between these higher levels and the Earth tread mature and pure entities, that often went through human reincarnations. Thanks to their experiences, they help other souls in their spiritual growth. You can find the offer of statuettes of guides on our e-shop here:

Mediumistic work

During the ritual of the gira, these higher entities step into the bodies of mediums in altered states of mind, so they can be in closest possible contact with the people that come sneaking help. Here we come across the difference of mediumistic work in the conception of Umbanda and Candoblé. In Umbanda it is believed that a medium can incorporate only with the help of spirits – guides (guias), and not actual Orixas, which are the personifications of the powers of nature, therefore they do not have one single soul. However in Candomblé, they only work with the incorporations of Orixas.

During a gira, participants also naturally interact with energies of Orixas, who are present during the rituals. Every guide works under the lineage of a designated Orixa, so they bring with them their orixa’s energy. There exists the right lineage, which consists of spirits, who are very close to being Orixas. They strongly emit their energy and bring healing (they are the spirits of the original Indian occupants, the elementals, old black slaves, children). The guides of the left lineage are very close to our earthly sphere and they, on top of everything else, absorb negative energy, vices, and imbalances. Under this lineage work the spirits of people from the streets (exus and pombas giras), sailors, brazilian cowboys, Bahias and so on.

Individual Guias

Caboclos v Umbandě.


Caboclos are the spirits of the original people of Brazil. Their lord is Oxossi. They are wise warriors of the light, who overflow with the knowledge of healing through nature and the animal kingdom.

Preto Velho v Umbandě.

Pretos Velhos

Pretos Velhos are the souls of old black slaves. They are one of the kindest entities, who, despite all of their experiences, chose the path of mercy and forgiveness.

Eres v Umbandě.


Erês are the souls of children. They are the embodiment of pure love and sweetness, an inexhaustible source of ideas and creativity. They bring the strength of natural being and innocence. With their laughter and enthusiasm they heal our bitterness.

Marinheiros v Umbandě.


Marinheiros are the souls of sailors, fisherman and pirates. Their lady is mother Yemanjá, because they have a strong and deep bond with the sea.

Baianos v Umbandě.


Baianos are the souls of the Bahias. They represent black citizens of a Brazilian city called Bahia. With their dancing wave comes happiness, an abundance of positive strength and a love for life. These souls reached a high level of evolution by overcoming the suffering and hardships of the hard life in slavery.

Boiadeiros v Umbandě.


Boiadeiros are the souls of cowboys. They represent one of the youngest lineages of originators in Umbanda. With their energetic whip and their lasso they catch and drive off negative thoughts, energy and entities. They are wild but disciplined.

Exu a Pomba gira v Umbandě.

Exu a Pomba Gira

Exus and Pombas Giras are people of the streets. They work in the dark with the densest energies. They are able to deal with any negativity or falsehood. They assist us against traps, they help us face evil, and they teach us how not to get lost in the illusions of this world.