How to be good in your place, in life, in your body,
through a living dialogue with the forces of nature

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Umbanda brought us a love for life through our souls, voices and bodies. You are wholeheartedly welcome to discover this treasure with us!

Umbanda means in Bantus languages “the ability to heal.” It is a teaching, how to be at peace and well in your place, in your life and in your body through lively dialog with the forces of nature.

To live through Umbanda

Umbanda isn’t written on paper, but a lived, constantly evolving spiritual lineage. Not in words, but in actions can every relationship be harnessed and it isn’t only so in the case of Umbanda.



Orixás are divine forces, from which this world is created and which manifest in different qualities of nature, but also in ourselves, in the way we act, in our emotions…

Co jsou Guias? Co jsou průvodci?


In the realm between spiritual beings and the earth, there live many highly mature souls, which help other souls on their spiritual ascendance.

Co je Gira


Umbanda offers many tools for how we ourselves can best work with the gifts that are given to us.

Naše akce

Our events

We host meetings for adults as well as children in the form of musical performances, ritual circles of healing and praying or ecologically centred programs.

“For me, Umbanda is an endless source of light, joy, fullness and love all expressed through motion, rhythm and song. It is lovely to see how a person gradually blooms and how their own perception of every-day-life alters. It’s just AWESOME!”
Zuda Lucie
“Umbanda never ceases to surprise me with its diversity and fullness. Every meeting with it is always different. It is a treasure full of colour, sound and motion. For this day and age, Umbanda is a well of healing archetypes and symbols. That is why I love learning and discovering even the therapeutic potential of this lineage.”
Hlaváčová Barbora
“Umbanda is the journey of my heart. It combines free movement, rhythm, the strength of nature, mysterium, an extended consciousness and healing.”
Hoffman Martin
“It creates an excellent foundation for different charitable projects with a wider spectrum, because Umbanda itself is based upon the practice of charity.”
Gerreiro Gabriel