The souls of children

Eres v Umbandě.

With the lineage of Erês come one of the purest souls ever, and those are children. These souls, that bear a childish quality, are closest to God and they remind us that all of us are also the children of God. They are the embodiment of pure love and sweetness. The souls of children teach of joy, playfulness, and that not everything needs to be taken so seriously. Children evoke in us again a sense of curiosity and enchantment about the wonders of the world. They are also an inexhaustible source of ideas and creativity. They bring a strength of natural being and innocence. They offer an uncomplicated outlook on life and a faith that everything will turn out just right in the end. They overflow with energy, but be careful, since sometimes they don’t understand the limits and may partake in some tomfoolery. Through motion and games, they throw away low vibrations. With their laugh and enthusiasm they heal our bitterness. It is wholly enough for them, that they simply are. Fully in the present moment.

The souls of children have their patron in the orixa Ibejis – the divine twins. They are considered as one of the most powerful orixas. They can impact the deeds of anyone. They transcend any obstacles and even won over death. They are great protectors of children, twins and families. The patrons of birth and new beginnings. It is said that everything that is done in the name of Ibejis, no God may undo.

The colours of children are light blue and pink. You will make them happy with any sweets, and their favourite flowers are jasmin, camomile and white roses. Their Holidays are celebrated on the 27th of September just like Saint Cosmas and Damian or on the 25th of October in the form of Saint Crispin and Crispinian. Their day of the week is Sunday.

The greeting for Erês is as follows: “IBEJI!”