Umbanda isn’t written on paper, it is a lived, constantly evolving spiritual lineage. Every relationship is grown, not in words, but in actions, just as in Umbanda. That is why Umbanda offers many tools to show us how to best work with ourselves but also the gifts that it brings.

Magic tools

During the ritual of the gira, which is accompanied by the singing of pontos, participants can find themselves face to face with their guides and draw from their healing, teachings and advice. A great emphasis is put on cleansing, since it is very lively in the astral world, wherein we can meet a lot of beings – positive or negative… According to the laws of resonance we attract energy that is in accordance with our radiation, therefore it is imperative that, in order for us to have a good connection with the entity of our choosing, we need to be well cleansed. Divine forces are always available to us, but we also have to do our part. Without it cooperation can’t exist. We should always strive to maintain balance between giving and receiving. That is why gifts/offerings are also important, because they urge the energy of exchange to flow how it needs to.

Jak se očistit v Umbandě.


How well we take care of our receiver, that is what signal we will catch. Between the basic cleansing means in Umbanda belong cleansing by burning herbs but also herbal baths.

Zpívané pontos v Umbandě.


The whole ritual of the gira is accompanied by singing pontos. Pontos aren’t merely songs, they are powerful keys which unlock astral gates and mobilise the divine forces.

Co je Oferenda?


In the original WestAfrican cults the offerings for the gods is called EBÓ. It is a way with which we show respect to higher powers and a way how to attune ourselves to the qualities of such forces.

Co je Gira


During the gira, with the help of the rhythms of drums, singing and dance, participants are connecting to the spiritual guidance of their guides and the archetypal energies, which this world created.

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