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Do you want to experience what Umabanda is in practice?

We hold meetings with Umbanda, which are in the form of musical performances, a ritual circle of healing and prayers or ecologically centred programs. They are aimed not only for adults, we also host special programs for children. If you don’t want to miss an opportunity for coming in contact with the tradition of Umbanda here in the Czech Republic in person, follow us of Facebook or Instagram, so you don’t miss out on anything!!!

In case you are interested in a private meeting, contact us on our email address umbandacz@gmail.comWe are able to prepare a program for a meeting just as you would like it. 

Do you want to connect with and support your everyday life with this lineage? We created an online webstore, where you can find many different types of statues of orixás and guides, ritual beaded necklaces (guias), incense and many other things on:

Do you want to support the development of the Umbanda tradition in the Czech Republic?

Dear friends and supporters of Umbanda, do you like our activities?

If you like our social gatherings, discussions and other cultural events and would like to support our activities, we have prepared several options for support in the form of any kind of donation. Your funds will be used for the further development of all activities associated with Umbanda.

Thank you very much for your help and appreciation for the effort we put into our projects. We try to hold our activities with love and joy, be it cocoa ceremonies, lectures, events for children and others.

DONATION CONFIRMATION: If you are interested in sending an accounting document – confirmation of receipt of the donation, please contact us at We will be happy to issue you a confirmation.

If none of the amounts below suit you, you can send any amount by bank transfer to:

Bank account number: 43-8096540277/0100 (Commercial Bank)

For foreign payments: IBAN: CZ9501000000438096540277, BIC/SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX

In the message to the recipient, please include: “donation for activity”. Thank you!

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