The souls of the Bahias

Baianos v Umbandě.

The lineage of Baianos brings the souls of the Bahias into rituals. These entities represent black citizens of a Brazilian state called Bahia. It is said that these souls were, in their earthly incarnations, great mages, introduced in original cults of Candomble, where they built a deep contact with African ceremonies. On their dancing wave comes joy, heaps of positive force and a love for life. They aren’t by any means reckless souls, since they reached their high degree of evolution by overcoming the suffering of a hard life in slavery.

They are patient, but direct. They don’t like sluggers and people who don’t want to work on themselves, since they know the value of hard work. They do not tolerate injustice. They teach how to face the disfavour of fate with hope and a smile on their face, since it is us who decide how we react to our troubles. Baianos are able to bring protection from negative energies and are able to pull away all negative action for those people who ask for their guidance. There exist many entities which work under the lineage of Baianos, where every one of them is able to operate under the range of different orixas. The holiday for celebrating the Bahias is on the 2nd of February. Their colour is yellow and the most common days for their honouring are Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

The greeting for Baianos is as follows: “SALVE O POVO DA BAHIA!”