Who are we

We are Umbanda enthusiasts, who have for a number of years been meeting with and constantly discovering the divine beauty of this lineage. An idea formed during one of our meetings; that we could share our experiences and offer people around us connection with this lineage. We recognize that on our Czech side of the internet, it is near impossible to find corresponding, whole information. That is why, with the growing number of enthusiasts, we decided to share with you our knowledge and experiences through this web page and other medias, such as Instagram and Facebook.

We have also created an e-shop for you, which you can find at https://eshop.umbanda.cz/. Here you can buy statuettes of orishas and guides, ritual beads, jewelry, herbs and much more.

Zuda Lucie

About Lucie

She was born in a small town in the South of Czech Republic. From a young age she was fascinated with singing, movement and dancing. She enjoys spending her time in silent meditation surrounded by nature. In College she first came across the Indian lineage of Kundalini maha-joga and from that point onwards she pursues this spiritual practice – the repeating of mantras and meditation. She first met Brazilian culture over 20 years ago. She had flown out to South America during her doctorate studies. In the world of the Amazonas, deep in the rainforest, she spent 6 months from which stems her love for Umbanda. From that time since, she has flown out to Brazil many times and has visited many different Umbanda centers. Since her childhood she has experienced many different states in which she has had contact with many different entities and spirits. Her life’s joy resides in uncovering answers about where and to what she is connecting to in her states and about how to cooperate with these entities for her own good and the good of those around her. She is learning how to tend to her body and soul so that it is prepared for hosting beings, which are in need of help, and/or bring teachings for others. She says: “Tending to your body and soul is a very important part of any spiritual practice. If a person isn’t standing steady on the ground and doesn’t know how to protect themself, they shouldn’t be opening up their body for the service of other beings.” In 2019, Lucie finished a course on quantum therapy, with the help of which she performs the finding and cancelling out of geopathogenic zones and cleansing of residences. She performs a diagnostic, cleansing and harmonisation of the chakras and auras in person or distantly. For Umbanda.cz, she offers cleansing using the quantum wave, consultations with the help of tarot, consultations in the realm of mediumistic work and work with the body. Her big hobbies are sowing, painting and the making of jewellery. In this realm she offers the making of orixas guitars (beaded necklaces) and charged pendants.

“For me, Umbanda is an infinite source of light, joy and love. It’s just THE BOMB!”

About Barbora

She was born in the Calgary city of Canada and was raised in the Czech Republic. Even in her childhood she was fascinated with spiritual questions. First she studied astrology, work with the pendulum and tarot readings. Because of her serious medical situation, she gradually met with many methods of alternative treatment, thanks to which she experienced the activation of her Kundalini energy, consecration into many energetic systems (Reiki, Shambala, Lightarian, etc.), study in the Mysterius school of druids (geomanty), completion of the course on the RUS method and so on. She has been involved in the spiritual traditions of Brazil for over 7 years now, on which she wrote her diploma work for her masters degree in Religionalistics – Judaistic studies at Charles University. As a regionalistics expert she writes professional articles and gives lectures. She has a therapeutic practice and consultancy in the realm of psycho-spiritual questions, the integration of psychedelic experiences, relaxational hypnosis and nutritional help. Other than that, she accompanies as a translator during palm leaf readings with subsequent rituals for the cleansing of karma in Indian temples. In the present moment she is finishing training in Eko-arte therapy but her biggest passions for African-Brazilian Umbanda. She says: “Umbanda doesn’t cease to surprise me with its diversity and wholeness. Every meeting with her is different. It is a treasure full of colour, sound, and movement. For times such as nowadays, Umbanda is a well full of healing archetypes and symbols. That is why I enjoy studying and discovering even the therapeutic potential of this lineage.” In the realm of Umbanda.cz, Bara writes articles about this tradition and provides music production at Umbanda meetings. She offers work with the voice and the study of pontos and rhythms of Umbanda.

Hlaváčová Barbora
Hoffman Martin

About Martin

Martin is a psychologist, psychotherapist and lecturer of self development workshops. He likes to guide along the paths to one’s self, to joy, strength and one’s inner essence. He bases his teachings on the philosophy of biosynthesis – the wholistic approach, which isn’t merely a psychotherapeutic course, but also a deeper philosophy of health and life. He pursues (in his personal as well as professional life) finding good sources for life, a good sense of stability in one’s own body and in the psycho-spiritual dimensions of our being. Umbanda is the way of his heart. It merges together free movement, rhythm, strength of nature, mysterium, expansion of consciousness, healing… He also indulges in Maitri breathing, a safe integration of psycho-spiritual experiences, the body in connection with the soul – mainly psychosomaticism and a holistic therapeutic work with the body.

About Gabriel

Gabriel comes from Brazil. He is an artist, pedagogue, a person of many faces and abilities. He spent many years travelling around the world. These last five years however, he decided to spend in the Czech Republic. During his journey through life and self discovery, he has met (through interest about philosophy and spirituality) many diverse spiritual traditions. He first met Umbanda over ten years ago. Gabriel is a professional musician and he gives our meetings a Brazilian spark of temperamental game and drums. Who wants to learn the rhythms of Umbanda on the gong – Gabriel is the right person to ask for help. He also makes beautiful jewellery and tattoos with the motives of Umbanda. With being a guitarist and a songwriter, he reflects in his work first and foremost his experiences of a travelling artist and his relationship with philosophy and nature. He believes that art isn’t only a mirror of the world reflected, but also a means for the creation of a new world. His music is strongly influenced by popular Brazilian music (MPB) from Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and Sao Paulo during the 60’s and 70’s. For him, Umbanda doesn’t only represent spirituality, but also humanity and society. He perceives, that after many centuries there is forming an equality of minorities with superior traditions. Umbanda puts a big emphasis on charity without any discrimination, which creates for Gabriel a great foundation for diverse charitable projects with a bigger radius.

Gerreiro Gabriel