The souls of cowboys

Boiadeiros v Umbandě.

Boiadeiros, or cowboys, are one of the youngest lineages of guides in Umbanda. From this lineage come to help the souls of the rural people from the Brazilian inlands, strongly connected with nature. We can meet them in the form of cowboys or shepherds, since they have a connection with horses and cattle. A chequered dress shirt, a leather hat and lasso, these are the typical attributes of this lineage. Cowboys are very active and whenever they appear, they bring a motion into energy and a gross cleansing of the area. With their energetic lasso they catch and expel negative thoughts, energies and entities. They are wild but disciplined. They don’t talk that much, since they’d rather act. They can inspire us in how to be resilient and courageous. They teach how to live in balance with nature and animals.

They most often act under the leadership of Xangó, sometimes even Ogum or Iansa. That is why their holidays are celebrated together with Xangó on the 24th and 29th of June. Their most used colours are red and white but also blue and yellow. Their day of the week is Tuesday.

The greeting for Baianos is as follows: “JETRUÁ!”